Complexity in College Admission: Fact or Urban Myth?

Visit Admissions in the 21st Century, a project of the College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, for the latest news on complexity of the college admission process. As another application season gets underway, a new report focuses on research conducted by Admissions in the 21st Century on the current state of the college admission process and the barriers to college access for all students.

Read the full report of the research, Complexity in College Admission: Fact or Urban Myth (.pdf/1.22MB), on the Admissions in the 21st Century website. Requires Adobe Reader (latest version recommended). The website also offers an introductory essay by Arlene Cash, vice president of enrollment management at Spelman College, on the topic of complexity and how we as professionals can address it and assist students with their college search and applications.

Download a copy of Complexity in College Admission here. (.pdf/1.22MB)

The research examines how students and their parents, transitioning from high school to college last year, perceived the admission process. The results are both surprising and reassuring, and they suggest strategies to diminish unnecessary complexity and confusion for future students.

With national attention focused on education and improving the U.S. college completion rate, the question of complexity of the admission process is worth researching closely to better understand college access for students.

Visit the website to explore this interesting research and other resources. Please also send us comments — as a counseling and enrollment professional, this is your site.

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