New Report-A Diversity Action Blueprint

The Access & Diversity Collaborative, a project of the College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, is pleased to announce the release of its newest publication, A Diversity Action Blueprint: Policy Parameters and Model Practices for Higher Education Institutions.(.pdf/1.78MB). Requires Adobe Reader (latest version recommended).

Download a copy of A Diversity Action Blueprint. (.pdf/1.78MB)

In keeping with the goals of the Access & Diversity Collaborative, A Diversity Action Blueprint provides higher education officials with materials that can help guide the development of policies designed to advance institutional access and diversity goals.

A Diversity Action Blueprint grew out of a series of national seminars that focused on access and diversity policy development in the wake of the Michigan Supreme Court cases. Those discussions created a demand for a publication that would provide guidance on access and diversity issues through a review of legal and policy principles and examples of existing “model” institutional policies.

Read A Diversity Action Blueprint today. (.pdf/1.78MB)

Visit the Access & Diversity Collaborative website to read the report and learn more about our new resources. We welcome you to use the report on your campus as you review your access and diversity policies and practices.

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