University of Rochester-Pre College Program

At the University of Rochester, students design their own educational plans, driven by their interests and passions. The University’s Pre-College Programs extend this same experience to junior high and high school students. The many options available include taking a one-week course, living on campus for a month, completing a college class for credit, and participating in a summer study-abroad seminar.
The University is proud to welcome students from across the country and around the globe to participate in these innovative programs, which have been enlightening young minds for over 20 years. Classes are designed to broaden the educational experience and sharpen academic skills, helping students learn more about who — not just what — they want to be.
 Registration is now open for all sessions:  

Residential Programs   Program Dates*
  Rochester Scholars Summer A   July 10-23   
  Rochester Scholars Summer B   July 24-30   
  Rochester Scholars Summer A & B   July 10-30   
  Taste of College Summer   June 27-July 25   
  *Please note Sunday move-in and Saturday move-out dates.  
  Commuter Programs   Program Dates   
  Rochester Scholars Winter   February 21-25   
  Rochester Scholars Spring   April 18-22   
  Rochester Scholars Summer A   July 11-22   
  Rochester Scholars Summer B   July 25-29   
  Rochester Scholars Jr.   August 1-5   
  Taste of College credit classes   UR semesters    
 For more information, visit  .
Class sizes are limited, so be sure to enroll early. Please refer to the Pre-College website for the latest, most comprehensive information, including application guidelines and scholarship deadlines.
 We hope to see you on campus soon!
 University of Rochester
 Office of Pre-College Programs
 116 Wallis Hall
 Rochester, NY 14627-0034
 Phone: (585) 275-3221
 Toll-free: (888) 822-2256
 Fax: (585) 461-4595
 Connect with us on Facebook by searching for Rochester Scholars!

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