Waiting for the Incredible Hunk

Angel Perez – a friend of Learning Leaders who has presented workshops for us in the past – has written an article extending the focus of the documentary “Waiting for Superman” to higher education.

In his article, Angel paints the grim picture of the current state of higher ed:

But what happens when those students who make it arrive at the doorstep of the ivory tower and realize (like Geoffrey Canada, the educator in the movie whose childhood awakening inspired the documentary’s title) superheroes don’t exist? Higher education leaders paint images of colleges and universities in America that we don’t live up to. Like the fictional characters we grow to admire in our infancy, postsecondary education can often disappoint.

Read the full article at HigherEd: http://www.insidehighered.com/views/2010/11/16/perez

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