Lots of Summer Enrichment Programs

Patrick J. O’Connor the Director of College Counseling at Roeper School in Birmingham Michigan has shared quite a list of resources for students looking for summer enrichment opportunities. Patrick originally shared this with the NACAC e-mail list.

Here’s Patrick’s message:

The popular response was for http://enrichmentalley.com/ so you might want to look there.  Other lists are below, including some that feature service learning opportunities and overseas options; this is an amazing wealth of lists.

http://www.teenink.com/Summer/, http://www.enrichmentalley.com/, and http://www.nelnetsolutions.com/summerop/code/ssector.asp.

Here’s one source book available at wintergreenorchardhouse.com: : “2010/11 Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools

service opportunities: http://www.dosomething.org/

 I like to begin with the list of programs on the Teen Ink website (www.teenink.com)

 I have a list of summer academic camps that take place in New York State: http://www.summeroncampus.com/

 If you check out the homepage, you’ll note a few specialized national summer camps:

iD Tech Camps: http://www.internaldrive.com/

 An arts camp with locations in Hollywood, New York City & Vermont: http://www.socapa.org/






-There is also a book, forgive me for this, What High Schools Don’t Tell You, which has an interesting list in the appendix, ordered by interest. 

-My meager list, which is located https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AvZ7abCDvnuudHQzMDhsUjhrWXk5Vk5kN0tIOUFlQWc&hl=en  .  You may need to copy and paste into your browser.   We are currently updating this document; it still has last year’s dates.



 If a student is interested in China, “Where There Be Dragons” is great (and has a beautiful web site, http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/), and for international in general, the “Experiment in International Living” http://www.experimentinternational.org/.   Domestic programs include http://www.volunteermatch.org/.  ”Internternship Connection” http://www.interns hipconnection.com/ looks interesting, but I don’t have any experience with them.  of course there are all of the “Student Leadership” things.  Interestingly, although they use the ultimate crap app approach with their material, most of them do have good programs, but quite pricy.  What about the Discovery programs?  Summer Discovery has been around a million years: http://www.summerdiscovery.com/.  I have had some students do the Oxbridge programs: http://www.oxbridgeprograms.com/index.php.  They all had GREAT experiences.

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