DePaul University has become test-optional

A message from DePaul University:

For our high school colleagues and anyone else who is interested:
I’m pleased to announce that today DePaul University has become test-optional for freshman admission, starting with the classes that enter in Fall 2012 and beyond.  We believe this makes DePaul the largest private, not-for-profit university to offer a freshman admission option that requires no standardized testing; this move represents a culmination of almost five years of discussion and research.
We want to be clear that we are not issuing a blanket statement about the worth of standardized testing, but rather acknowledging that there are many bright, high-achieving students whose talents are not fully measured by standardized tests.
We have also taken to heart the recommendations of the Report on the Commission on the Use of Standardized Tests in Undergraduate Admission encouraging universities to “consider dropping the [standardized] admission test requirements if it is determined that the predictive utility of the test…support that decision and if the institution believes that standardized tests would not be necessary for other reasons such as course placement, advising, or research.”
We have a few operational details to work out, but application instructions will be available for students long before the application for admission goes live this summer. For now, a longer statement of our rationale and a list of FAQ’s is available on our website, at
I’m happy to answer any questions about this.
Jon Boeckenstedt | Associate VP, Policy and Planning | Enrollment Management and Marketing DePaul University | 55 E. Jackson, 1709 | |  (312) 362-7143

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