Pre-College Day Testimonials and Photos

The College Planning Program at Learning Leaders hosted our 10th Annual Pre-College Day on February 22nd. Our students had a great time, but don’t take it from me, here are some things they had to say the day, after our photo gallery. Thank you Karen Smul, one of our College Planning Volunteers, for these professional shots!

Did you find today helpful?

“Yes, because I learned many things that I didnt know before such as the difference between SUNY and CUNY”

“Yes, the workshops were very detailed & creative. Although choosing which workshops was difficult because I wanted to take part in another one that was taking part at the same time as the one I was in.”

“EXTREMELY, I learned a lot about the actual application process and what would help when it comes to financial aid.”

“Yes, because it provided broad options for college”

“Yes, today was helpful because it helped me to understand how hard we have to work to get a scholarship. Also because all the people that presented taught us how to be successful in college.”

What would you change about the program?

“The program was perfect so I don’t really know what to improve.”

“The timeing (too early)”  — Noted! 9:00am during spring break? Maybe that was too early after all.


“I would make it longer so we can learn more!!!”

“I would make the progarm more than one day, so we coudl further elaborate on the college terms.”

What was your favorite part of the program?

“The food was delicious :) Also the fact that I learned somethign”

“The food was amazing, not the usual pizza”

“Getting a head start over other students with the college app.”

“The financial aid program and learning about making the right decisions -LUNCH!-”

“The college bingo and the fact that we were provided breakfast and lunch.”

“My favorite part of the program was the courses because I learned a lot. Thank you guys”

“The admissions game was very interesting because he got us involved in the activity”

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