Teen Career Connection — 5-week Paid Internship

Teen Career Connection is an eight-week professional internship program. Following intensive preparation, participants complete a 5-week paid summer internship at a New York City business or corporation. Interns will receive pre-placement training, ongoing career mentoring, $250 per week in compensation, a $300 clothing stipend, 2-month Metro card and the chance to see their future career from inside the industry that appeals most to them.

To be eligible, applicants must:

–         Permanently reside within the boroughs of New York City

–         Have completed their sophomore year of high school, although cannot have started at a college or university.*

–         Commit to attend the full pre-placement training scheduled for June 27 – July 15, 2011.**

 * This excludes students at early-college high schools.

**Special considerations may be made only for returning Teen Career Connection students who have previously completed pre-placement training within the program, and will participate in popular YMCA programs as Global Teens, and/or college orientations.

The following files were attached to this message:

TCC 2011 Volunteer Opportunities

2011 Teen Career Connection Application

TCC 2011 Volunteer Opportunities

 The YMCA is also looking for adult volunteers to be mentors, trainers, and other supports to the students.

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4 Responses to Teen Career Connection — 5-week Paid Internship

  1. shenika bowen says:

    i Would love to do this. I am in the 10th Grade and i am really looking for something for the summer and this is great :)

  2. Khalid says:

    I found this a little late July 10, 2011. Hope I still have an opportunity to join. How do I sign up and get started if I can?

  3. Shaakeeba Khanam says:

    is it too late for me to apply to this program?

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