PBS NewsHour Extra

Resources for high school students, shared by Andrea Roberts of Learning Leaders. Thanks Andrea!

At NewsHour Extra you will find:

1)      Timely  articles written for a 9th grade reading level with warm-up, reading comprehension and discussion questions.  There’s a student worksheet that you can print out and assign for homework, extra credit, or the perfect substitute teacher activity.

2)    Daily Video Clips that can be downloaded or streamed from the PBS NewsHour broadcast that comes with warm-up and discussion questions.

3)    An archive of  high-quality free lesson plans and teaching tools.  Featured now: the Mathematics of Health Care, Democracy and Geography in the Middle East , the Science of Tsunamis, and much, much more.

4)    Original student generated content with Student Voices and Student Reporting Labs where students report news stories from a youth perspective.

5) If it seems great, but something you’ll forget to check, sign up for our weekly email newsletter which will alert you to the latest stories and lesson plans. You can also forward the best fits for other teachers at your school: scroll down to the “Join Our Current Events Teaching Community” box in the left column and enter your email.  No spam, just useful teaching tools.

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