New income eligibility EOP, HEOP, SEEK and College Discovery

This message is from William J. Short:          

As most of you are aware, the NYS Board of Regents has approved a new approach to establishing financial eligibility for HEOP, EOP, SEEK and CD, using 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. While the actual numbers we will use for this year’s recruiting class will not be available until January 2012 (we are required to use current year’s figures), I have calculated a set of figures based on the 2011 numbers already available.

These figures may be used for guidance and counseling purposes only – I caution you that the 2012 number may be somewhat different and therefore these should only be used for estimating.

The automatically eligible categories remain in effect, so if a student is an orphan or ward of the state or court, or relies upon public assistance we do not make reference to the income charts.

Please feel free to pass these around with the same proviso, and also (as always) to be in touch with any questions.

DOWNLOAD: 2011 Federal Poverty Guidelines 

William J. Short

Director, Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program at

St. Lawrence University

President, New York State HEOP Professional Organization

315-229-5580 (office)

315-229-7415 (fax)

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