[CACNY] Now Accepting 2012 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Applications

This message is from Erin Korsvall:

2012 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship
Exceptional student leaders are invited to apply for the 2012 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program.  In honor of the legacy and character of President Ronald Reagan, this program annually rewards up to 20 college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with $10,000 renewable scholarships (up to $40,000 per recipient).  

Like President Reagan, candidates use the formative experiences of their youth to lead, serve, and pursue a life of progress, both individually and for their communities.  Help put promising young leaders in the running for this prestigious award by:

  • Sharing this news with scholars who exemplify, inside and outside the classroom, President Reagan’s vision and destiny to lead and serve, and encouraging them to apply.  Download a program flyer
  • Nominating an exemplary candidate for this award.  During the application process, applicants must be nominated by a community leader, such as a high school principal, elected official or nonprofit executive, and each leader may nominate only one applicant.
  • Recommending a candidate for this award.  During the application process, applicants must be recommended by an authority figure who has observed them in a leadership role, such as a student activity advisor, community service coordinator, coach, employer, teacher, counselor or religious leader. 

Applications for the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program will be accepted online until February 17, 2012.  Additional information, eligibility requirements, and a link to the application are available online.  You may also follow us on Facebook

We look forward to honoring these young leaders next spring.

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