Great Green Career Program for Ages 17-21

Henkels & McCoy Training has helped tens of thousands of youth complete school and enter the workforce.

Our TechBridge and Youth Connections models have proven effective for both In-School (younger) and Out-of-School (older) youth.  The three primary components of TechBridge are Work-Based Learning (Basic Skills), Work Readiness, and Occupational Skills training.

  • Work-Based Learning: Henkels & McCoy provides an individualized, computer based, instructor-supported model, focusing on the specific needs of industry.
  • Work Readiness: Our pre-test prescribes a set of individual lessons targeting eleven competency areas. The lessons align with employer expectations for employees. The post-test documents skills mastery.
  • Occupational Skills: Building on the company’s strengths as a utility contractor, we offer “suitcased” customized technical training in many areas

For more information on how to get started with this program, see the attached flier: Green Labor Training Flier

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