College Confidential: a Field Guide

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Day and night the locals chatter. They counsel and console, bicker and rant. Their questions are endless. Though often hopeful, they never stop pounding the drums of worry.

“Do I have a shot at my dream school?” pacgirl4101 wants to know.

“So sick of asians whining about affirmative action,” macmill writes, “get over it.”

“How much debt is too much,” Jay520 asks, “for a computer science graduate?”

“A party school and you will always be just a number there,” seniorchick writes of Arizona State University. Northern Arizona University, she adds, is “for hippies and ugly people.”

This is College Confidential, a vast virtual realm where visitors can find the best and worst of human nature. Here, in moderated discussion forums, people help strangers. They also belittle strangers, question their intelligence, and mock their chosen colleges or alma maters.

Read the full article here.

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