Amherst College Diversity Open Houses for students, September 23 and October 28

The Office of Admission invites you to extend this special invitation regarding our Diversity Open House weekends to your rising seniors!

As part of Amherst College‘s commitment to diversity, the Office of Admission hosts two Diversity Open Houses (DIVOH) in the fall to introduce prospective applicants to Amherst’s campus, student body, faculty, classes, and residence halls. The Diversity Open Houses are available to all prospective students, but the selection committee prioritizes the invitation of students from traditionally under-represented groups, such as African-American, Hispanic/Latino American, Native American, and Asian-American backgrounds, as well as first-generation students. To support socio-economic diversity, the selection committee will also invite and prioritize students with limited family financial resources, regardless of cultural or racial background.

The above-mentioned are priorities, and are not meant to imply any exclusivity regarding the program or selection process. Should a student have an interest in attending, we encourage you to apply no matter your demographic or economic background.

Students selected to visit Amherst for a DIVOH weekend will receive 100% of round-trip transportation costs (airline, bus, or train) for DIVOH attendance and will be hosted on campus by current students.  Students selected to attend one of the Open House weekends will also receive a waiver for the Amherst College $60 application fee in order to encourage their applications to Amherst.

Fall 2013 Diversity Open House Weekends:

  • Saturday, September 21 – Monday, September 23
  • Saturday, October 26 – Monday, October 28

To Apply:

Visit to learn more about our programming and to submit your DIVOH application by the August 16, 2013 deadline.

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