Tools from Carla Shere: 2013 Checklist and Student Survey

College Planning Volunteers and College Advisors, attached are two tools you may be able to adapt and use with the seniors who are graduating from your sites. I just updated them to use with my seniors at Humanities Prep next week.

The first is a sheet that helps with “summer melt” that was adapted from the Bridge to College Program. When you think students are accepted and packaged AND THEY DON’T SHOW UP ON CAMPUS!!!! I have students check all the steps they have completed and anything that isn’t checked I work with them over the summer to help prevent them from not showing up on campus in the fall.

DOWNLOAD – Checklist: From Application to Enrollment

The second is an evaluation of the college counseling office at Humanities Prep and how students are serviced. You could adapt this to any site or to SurveyMonkey. I have students complete both papers during the practice graduation which is mandatory so I receive 100% return rate!!! Feel free to trash or use.

DOWNLOAD – End of the Year Evaluation 2013



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