Summer Resources For Incoming Freshman

From NYC College Line:

We want to share some key resources to help the summer transition for those students enrolling in college in the fall. We know that this is a very important time of year and it’s essential that students know where to go and what they have to do in order to successfully enroll in college. Below you will find a few links to checklists and worksheets that can be used by any student in transition, and here you can find Enrollment Tip Sheets for over 50 colleges in the NYC area.

In addition to using these resources, it is vital that students are in close contact with their college during the summer before they enroll, and that they regularly check their mail, their school email address, and school portal account. If students are not receiving regular emails or letters from their college, they should contact the Admissions Office right away.

From Application to Enrollment
This checklist outlines all of the steps you need to make sure to complete between the time you submit your college application and actually enroll in classes at your college. It covers everything from submitting your transcripts and immunization records to attending orientation.

College Time Management Activity Schedule
This activity guides students through figuring out a weekly schedule at college. It includes a template for planning out classes and other activities. Students work on their time management skills by finding time for mandatory activities like classes and work, and more flexible activities like studying, partying, and extracurricular activities.

Final Steps Before You Begin College
This is a checklist for students to complete that includes the steps they should take once they have decided on a college to attend but before arriving on campus. It guides student through confirming his/her decision about which college to attend, confirming financial aid, sending housing deposits, attending orientation, etc.

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