Volunteers needed TOMORROW, Dec. 7, for College Lock-In

I’m sharing this fantastic idea that HVA Director of College Counseling Jonathan Beauford is doing this Saturday (College Lock-In). He still needs volunteers, so feel free to contact him at jonathan.beauford@gmail.com.


On Saturday, December 7th, the College Team will be hosting our 2nd Annual “College Lock-in”. The purpose of the event is to provide our seniors the time, space, and guidance to put the finishing touches on their college applications (the internal deadline for all apps is Dec. 9th) and start preparing for next steps. The day will be a combination of focused work sessions, fun activities, a panel, and dinner (please see the agenda below).

The event runs from 12pm-9pm but students will be “locked-in” from 2pm-8pm (not allowed to come or go unless they are done with everything).

We need volunteers for the following activities:

  • help students write and edit college essays
  • help students complete their application forms, including the”extracurricular portion” of their apps
  • help students prepare to contact colleges via phone and email (communication skills)
  • help students find and apply to scholarships
  • be a panel member (see topics in agenda below)
  • play board games/cards with students
  • play video games with students
  • play basketball or dodgeball with students

Please reply if you are interested in attending any portion of the event.


  • arrive                                    12pm-12:30pm (w/snacks), give breakdown of the day
  • session 1                              12:45pm-1:45pm
  • short break                          1:45pm-2:00pm
  • session 2                              2:00pm-4:00pm required to attend other events (doors locked from 2pm-8pm)
  • panel session                      4:00pm-5:30pm in Cafeteria
  • games                                   5:30pm-7:00pm in gym and game rooms
  • dinner                                   7pm-8pm
  • session 3                              8pm-9pm

Session rooms

  • personal statements (computer lab)
  • applications/activity sheets (411)
  • communications/interview prep (410), practice calling college offices to check on materials
  • scholarships (402)
  • board games (Life, cards, etc.) (403)
  • video games (402)
  • gym (dodgeball and basketball)

Panel: What Happens After You Apply? (right before dinner)

  • facing rejection
  • financial aid
  • making wise decisions/choosing a school (dealing with parents)
  • finishing the year
  • getting excited for college
  • making the most of college
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