MUSE Honors Scholars Program at Hunter College

From Hunter College:

My name is Barbara Austin-King and I am the Recruitment Coordinator at Hunter College. If you have students that are interested in music performance, dance, theater, film, media, creative writing and the visual arts, each year, Hunter provides a unique opportunity for academically strong and artistically talented students to take advantage of the MUSE Honors Scholars Program. To be considered for this program, students do not have to major in the performing or visual arts. They must have a strong interest in the arts, but can they can major in psychology, accounting or similar liberal arts majors. Below is the link to fill out our scholarship application. If students applied to the Macaulay program and Hunter was their first choice, they will be automatically considered for the Freshman Scholar Honors Programs.

 Apply here:

A leading educational liberal arts and sciences institution with a strong performing arts program, Hunter offers a variety of courses which includes a large selection of topics in music performance, dance, theater, film, media, creative writing and the visual arts. The College’s internationally recognized faculty, diverse student body, attractive facilities and superb locations make Hunter an ideal place to prepare for a career in the performing arts.

Hunter has a strong commitment to diversity. Our students come from 147 countries, speaking over 100 languages. With so much going on here, it is not possible for me to share with you all of it. Our strength comes from recruiting the best students, the best faculty, and bringing them together in a cooperative, nurturing community that strives to create opportunities for creative and scholarly excellence.

The student must have a CUNY application on file for the fall 2014 semester, Hunter College must be first choice, student must file a FAFSA application, and we strongly encourage students to complete the optional essay.

We invite you to come meet our faculty and tour our facilities. Please clink on this link for the campus tour dates.

I want to make sure you have the necessary materials to distribute among your colleagues and students so I attached a copy of our recruitment brochure. I will also send you a package of brochures and flyers as per your request. This information is time sensitive. Decisions will be made in February and March.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you need additional information. Thank you.

Download the brochure here.

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