Common App Counselor Update

Board of Directors Initiates Review
The Board of Directors has retained the services of a third party consulting firm to conduct a complete and expeditious review of the Common Application in regards to both technology and organizational structure. We intend to share the findings in various forums later this spring. Our goal is to acquire an authoritative, independent expert report identifying the root cause of this year’s issues and making specific recommendations as to how we can improve and regain the confidence of our constituents. While we recognize the need to review the challenges of the fall, we are most interested in focusing on lessons learned and the path forward.

Midyear Report Reminder
Midyear Reports should be submitted as soon as possible after first semester or trimester grades are available. Please plan to submit a Midyear Report for any student who still has one or more pending applications.  (You should not use the Optional Grade Report to submit midyear grades.) To check if a member college requires the Midyear Report, refer to the online requirements grid.

New Admission and Aid Resources
A Google search for College Admission yields 310 million results. Financial Aid: 465 million. To help students connect with reliable sources, we’ve added a new Application Resources menu to our website. There you’ll find links to professional organizations and other not-for-profit groups dedicated to increasing understanding about preparing for, applying to, and paying for college.

Final Report Submission
You can submit a student’s Final Report only once. Therefore, do not submit this form until the student has all admission offers in hand and has decided where to enroll. Similarly, please do not use the Final Report as a vehicle for submitting any grade report other than the final transcript.

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