Graduate NYC! Spring Newsletter Highlights

Selected excerpts from the spring edition of the quarterly newsletter. Read the full newsletter here.

 New NYC Resource Guide for College Success

Graduate NYC! is proud to announce the launching of Crossing the Bridge: A Map to Your College Success, a resource guide for college-based  access and success programs in the NYC metro area. The guide is a joint publication of the Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, New York University, Graduate NYC!, and the participating colleges.

Believed to be the first guide of its kind in the country, the guide features 295 programs on 23 public and private college campuses. The various programs address issues such as academic tutoring and support, college application, college search, college advising, life in college, professional development, internships and jobs, and financial aid and planning.  Crossing the Bridge aims to help high school and college students make more informed choices on colleges that fit their interests and needs as well as find retention resources on their campuses. The resource is intended to support high school students, transfer students, families, guidance counselors, teachers, and others who support students in applying for and successfully completing college.

The guide is available in full PDF form via the program and resource directory on NYC College Line. All college access and success programs found within Crossing the Bridge are also individually searchable on NYC College Line. So check out the guide and its programs on NYC College Line today!

Hot Topics

Graduate NYC! Mentioned in Center for an Urban Future Op-ed to the Mayor: In a January 2014 Op-ed, the Center for an Urban Future, a NYC-based think tank, urged the mayor and the new administration to support existing efforts like Graduate NYC! to tackle income inequality by strengthening the city’s community colleges. In case you missed it, you can find the full Op-ed here.

New Book From a Brooklyn H.S. Counselor

We were honored to have Joshua Steckel, a Brooklyn public high school’s first-ever college guidance counselor, speak on our panel at our Building a College Going Culture Forum in December 2013. Josh’s newly released book –   Hold Fast to Dreams: A College Guidance Counselor, His Students, and the Vision of a Life Beyond Poverty –  follows the lives of ten of Josh’s students as they navigate the vast and obstacle-ridden landscape of college in America, where students for whom the stakes of education are highest find unequal access and inadequate support.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

Click here to read an April 2014 article on the book in the Atlantic.

Click here to purchase the book.

Stay tuned for upcoming events related to this counselor’s experience guiding Brooklyn high school students through the college process.

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