12 Top Colleges Where Students Get the Best Bang For Their Buck

From PolicyMic:

President Obama recently unveiled his plans for a new collegiate ranking system that will be used to determine the distribution of federal education funds. Hoping to capitalize on recent developments in higher education, the president hopes his new rating system will help get recent sharp college tuition increases under control. His plan entails comparing schools on their relative costs, average student debt upon graduation, graduation rates, starting salaries after graduation, and percentage of low income students in attendance.

Although some believe this new initiative will only lead to more gaming of the system by colleges and universities to maintain or increase current levels of funding, some schools are already performing better than average on these indicators. Using recent data for average student debt upon graduation, starting salaries, tuition and room and board for four-year universities, six-year graduation rates, and percentage of students who qualify for Pell grants as rough indicators, these 12 universities probably stand to benefit from the new funding structure as they are already meeting many of the standards Obama has laid out.

Read the full list here.

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