Save the date for U. Rochester Fall NYC Counselor Breakfast, October 2

The University of Rochester is happy to announce that Bates College & George Washington University have agreed to join us at our annual Fall NYC Counselor Breakfast. This event is scheduled for Thursday, October 2, 8AM – 10:30AM, in Manhattan.

Since the fall of 2006 the University of Rochester has teamed up with 2 – 3 other colleges and universities to present our institutions of higher education to you. The first year, Tufts University and Bryn Marw College joined us.  The second year, 2007, it was Carnegie Mellon and Vanderbilt University.  Fall 2008 we were joined by Purdue and Temple, 2009 Spelman College and University of Richmond were in attendance, with Pitzer, Johns Hopkins, and Wake Forest in 2010. For 2011 we had University of Toronto, Lafayette, and Reed, Fall 2012 it was Gettysburg and Scripps. Fall 2013 Emory, Brandeis, and Case Western were there!

Expect our invitation for this event to land in your mailboxes upon your return to school early September.  At that point in time you and your colleagues can RSVP.

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