Three Overnight Programs for Engineering Students at Cornell

This fall, Cornell Engineering is offering three visitation programs to high school seniors across the country who have shown strong aptitude in the following academic areas: calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. All three programs will provide students with an inside view into life as a Cornell Engineer. We invite you to share this information with rising high school seniors and other educators in your respective networks. The dates and details of the three programs are as follows:
Program #1: Engineering Diversity Hosting Weekend (EDHW): Thurs-Sat. September 18-20
Fall EDHW is a co-ed, overnight hosting program that has a particular focus on first- generation college students and/or students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in engineering (African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Native Pacific Islander and Native Alaskan). Funding is available for students who may need support with travel expenses to/from this program.

Program #2: College-Bound Women in Engineering (CBWiE) Program: Thurs.-Sat. September 18-20
Fall CBWiE is an all-female, overnight hosting program focused on the experience of first-generation college students (students whose parents do not have a four year college degree or more) at Cornell Engineering. Funding is available for students who may need support with travel expenses to/from this program.

Both overnight hosting programs provide students with opportunities to:

  • Stay in a residence hall with a current student on Cornell University’s campus
  • Explore their gifts in math, science, technology, and problem-solving
  • Learn about the admissions process at Cornell
  • Attend an undergraduate engineering class
  • Participate in an interactive lab demonstration
  • Interact with students, faculty, and staff

Criteria for both programs are as follows:

  • Expected high school graduation in the spring of 2015
  • Pursuit of a rigorous high school curriculum that includes the completion of one year each of calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology prior to graduation
  • Excellent academic background and success
  • Extracurricular interests, experiences, and involvement

To be considered for the overnight hosting programs, a completed application, which includes a complete junior year transcript, should be received in our office by the extended deadline of August 18, 2014. Students will be notified of their status in the program(s) on a rolling basis throughout August.

For more information on both hosting programs, and links to their application sites, please see:

Both of the above listed fall hosting programs are space-limited. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply online by August 18, 2014.

Program #3: Women in Engineering Preview Program (WiEPP): Saturday, September 6
Fall WiEPP is an all-female half-day program for interested rising seniors in high school wanting to learn more about the programs and opportunities available at Cornell Engineering. This event will provide interested students with an inside view into life as a Cornell Engineer and will include an Engineering-specific information session, a student-led tour of the Engineering Quad and its facilities, etc.

The above listed half-day program is space-limited. Therefore, students are encouraged to register online ASAP.

For more information on this program, and a link to the registration site, please see:

Additional materials are available below for your use:

Please feel free to use the special nomination invitation for students you feel might benefit from this unique experience and be a good match for Cornell Engineering.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact the Engineering Admissions office via email at and include “Fall Programs” in the subject heading, or call us at 607.255.5008.

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