HESC Launches Redesigned Website

HESC is pleased to unveil a redesigned, highly interactive and robust HESC.ny.gov.

HESC’s website is now more than ever the go-to place for New York State students and families seeking information about and assistance in applying for student financial aid.

Features of the new website include:

  • Interactive tools
    • College Finance Advisor – students create a personalized college finance plan or repayment plan based on their individual information and situation
    • Financial Aid Award Package Comparison Tool – helps students evaluate their financial aid packages and determine the bottom line costs
    • Loan Repayment Advisor – creates a personalized action plan based on answers to a simple questionnaire
  • Online Chat available daily so students and families can interact in real-time with staff trained to answer questions about financing higher education and repayment issues
  • Simplified and responsive design, re-sized for computers, tablets, and smart phones to accommodate the increasing use of mobile devices.
  • An expanded “Preparing for College” section that includes:
    • Extensive checklists for each year of high school
    • Resources for exploring interests, majors and careers
    • Assistance with finding the college that fits
    • A step-by-step guide through the college application process

You’ll find all of the information and resources you need for TAP, New York State scholarships and awards, and online processing in the Partner Access portal.

Please visit the new HESC.ny.gov and share with your students and families.

HESC welcomes comments and suggestions that will help us to continue to enhance the website for you and your students.

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