Harlem Village Academy College “Lock-In”, Dec. 6

I wanted to share a great idea for an event and a request for assistance by Harlem Village Academy (HVA). They conduct an annual ‘lock-in’ event where students (with parents’ permission) attend an event on a Saturday at the school. They are ‘locked-in’ and complete a series of events (scholarship application, personal statement, college research, student success panel, study workshops). Once students have completed a pre-set series of activities, they leave.

This year, HVA has invited any and all that are interested in helping out by volunteering as a session leader, facilitator, or supporter. The invitation and details are below; contact Brigette at HVA with any questions that you have (BTW, I’ve invited them to join CACNY and become members – this would be a great way for membership to come and help seal the deal)

I hope all is well.  Melissa and I are planning this year’s College Lock-In, and we’re hoping that you can join us once again!

This year it will be held on Saturday, December 6 from 1pm -8pm.  Most of the workshop time will be from 1:30 – 5:30, and there will be four main rooms:  applications, scholarships, personal statements, and supplements.

Let us know if you and/or any of your colleagues will be able to participate.  Please know there is no obligation to stay the entire time; feel free to  join us for all or only part of the workshop time if that’s what best fits your schedule.

Brigette Blue  
College Department Chairperson
T: 646-812-9200
E: bblue@harlemvillage.org

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